I’m Christine. I’m a writer and designer living in Los Angeles. My current job falls under the categories of UX research and digital design.

I grew up in the 90s and early aughts so I’m floating around between two generations of pop culture. Ask me about Beetlejuice (the movie or the animated series) or when Dr. Oz was a beacon of reliable information who owes his career to Oprah. We can also talk about that time when MTV aired music videos. I was way too young to be watching the 1993 music video for Mary Jane’s Last Dance, but I remember being angry with Tom Petty for being such an asshole. Why was he forcing Kim Basinger to dance with him? It was obvious she was not into it.

Take a look at my writing and research to get an idea of what I love to do, or find more about me here.

Let’s talk about your project. We can also just chat about the shows we watched as kids. I’m a pretty good listener.