Baking is something I do when I 100 percent feel like doing it. I don’t want to commit to it out of obligation for a project or event. I want to bake a batch of cookies because the mood strikes me. I want to do it because I will get pleasure out of measuring each ingredient and mixing each one in, always in a particular sequence, as directed by the recipe instructions.

photo of measuring cups and measuring spoons with splash of cocoa powder

The process of baking is therapeutic. Because of its scientific nature, measurements have to be accurate. Directions must be followed. As long as I follow a recipe as directed, I am almost guaranteed to get results as pictured. If I decide I want the same comfort food cookies two months later, I can go back to the same recipe and rely on the same results.

There is a certainty to most baking activities that is absent in much of life: design projects, relationships, parenthood. When I am seeking out this certainty in the form of chocolate chip banana bread, I can rely on a tried and true recipe to take me there.