My full name is Christine Lam Tran (hence, site URL).

I grew up in a homogeneous Chicago suburb, where the grass was always green and the cicadas buzzed every summer…every hot, humid summer. My dad didn’t believe in air-conditioning. He believed in fans for every window. Central air-conditioning was also out of our budget, but we didn’t talk about things like that. 

When the summer nights were still in the high 70s, the house remained muggy inside. That’s when we set up air mattresses in the basement and slept inches above the cool, concrete floor. And then the crickets decided to find refuge from the heat in our basement, too. I decided I was more than comfortable sweating through the night in my bedroom upstairs.

I’m often hyper-aware of how I fit in with my surroundings. Some of my thoughts take shape in the form of writing. My tendency to use careful observation can be found in my user experience research.

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Writing, opinions, media and illustrations are my own, unless otherwise indicated.