Improve call center representative and technician experiences.

Sixties style tow truck with bubble fenders and a tow hook on an arm with one joint

Uncover and validate roadside technician and call center challenges. Improve wait times in the call center and for customers seeking assistance. Improve accuracy of technician’s estimated time of arrival to the call destination.

Research guides for call center staff and tow truck technicians. Provider and call-center visits in the Southwest and Midwest for in-context interviews. Technician ride-alongs, documenting with a camera and voice recorder. End-of-day team debriefs with data mapping in Mural.

Tow truck dashboard and center console with multiple devices such as phones and a tablet, clipboard of paper, sticky notes

Service and interaction designer. Traveled to regional provider locations to run contextual interviews during technician ride-alongs. Conducted in-context observation and interviews with tow truck providers and large-scale call centers. Completed both independent and collaborative data synthesis. Presented research findings at client reviews.

Shared a first-hand look with clients on providers’ daily tasks, along with the workarounds that affected their cognitive load. Delivered recommendations for improving technician and call center staff experiences. Work resulted in a future contract signed by the client, involving a detailed digital design program.

Drawing of GPS map route without map background with icon sized tow truck at start and map marker icon at end and traffic indicated at center of route

Projects are white-labeled in agreement with non-disclosure agreements. Please reach out to me if you want to talk about them in greater detail. Illustrations are my own.