illustration of open elevator doors with padded blanket hanging on the farthest wall

Part of me says I need to leave and not enter this elevator. All the horror movies in existence serve as reliable evidence that this elevator is not a good idea. It will not take me to my destination. The more rational part of me says I need to get into the elevator so I can continue on my journey to the destination. And stairs are not an option. Getting chased up or down a flight of stairs is a terrifying scenario I have thought about on occasion.

I end up taking the elevator. Everything turns out okay. There’s some line about the only thing to fear is fear of falling down an elevator shaft. Or something. 


illustration of a paper towel dispenser and one crumpled paper towel on the floor

More often than not, I’m in a bathroom where the previous occupant left a crumpled piece of paper towel on the floor. I often pick it up and throw it away because I worry the occupant after me will see me exit and think I’m the slob who left it.

In the instance pictured, I ended up leaving the paper towel on the floor. I was too preoccupied with taking the picture and forgot my concern about looking like a slob.